Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Frown At My Brown pt.1

I've never heard another black person say this or even come close to saying what I'm about to say. I wonder why no other black individual has ever considered this or, maybe they have considered this but things happened and they decided to just roll with it. I know when I say what I'm going to say that even black people would say "that's a bit drastic". I don't understand why after so many years as big of a problem this is today we still avoid the obvious solution....
I, as a black American declare that I will not bring another child into this world full of racism, bias, inequality, injustice, and all that is evil beyond my control.

No, I never considered my child having to go through the same struggles I went through growing up. But, that was the naive me. I'm sure if more black parents (all ages) came forward about their struggles and pain I would have considered long and hard about whether or not I wanted or could handle "The Side Effect" to raising a child in white America.

This idea wouldn't so much apply or really apply at all to the handful of black Americans who are getting paid!!! These people can obviously afford to shield themselves. But, for the rest of my lovely black Americans who deal with different adversities and inequality on a daily basis I ask, is raising children in this cruel cruel world such a great idea?

I feel for black men. I can't count the number of black men that I've met who have the ambition and ability to pursue a career; They want to better themselves and be somebody important but roadblocks set intentionally hinder their progression. I've seen black men make the conscious decision to totally surround themselves with white people in order to gain in on a better opportunity. Still, despite making it "in", their incomplete. Partly, because they're made to feel, (subliminally of course) by the crowd and higher up, still less than.

BUT NO NEED TO FEEL SAD BECAUSE WE HAVE DESIGNER CLOTHES, and the latest phones, alcohol, celebrities to worry about, fast cars. All things I like to call a distraction. We all have our own choice of fixes. For the majority of America it's a superficial one.

Education is power. Yes. Yes. Yes. And boring to take in when we could just have a quick fix of superficial and rock out even throughout the ground shaking beneath us.

It annoys me when I hear white people say, "I really don't understand all these excuses of racism when they had every opportunity in the public system as my son or daughter." Or, "They caused their own problems by not paying attention in class." I promise by default I love all people but that has to be some of the most ignant ish. Somehow some white people seem to forget that they more than sorta kinda had a head start. They developed their generations of success and laid their foundations for themselves and generations to come. Sure they may encounter an issue here and there but always handy is their resource to fix it. For today's black American, sure our children are in school. Great!!! But, because mom and dad are still beaten down from the years of inequality, because they are so far behind in where they need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically it's no wonder why their children suffer in a race to success. Which begs my question; is the side effect worth it? Jumping the achievement gap isn't going to happen overnight.

ENERGY IS NEITHER CREATED NOR DESTROYED. Now either one of two things is happening. Either white people are really not as put together despite their degree or once again they're trying to insult our intelligence by pretending bias doesn't live in their veins. For every action is a reaction. I like to think we know what the sarcastic laugh, the disinviting stare, and negative energy all means. I admire cultures that build their lives around a higher power recognizing strength, power and energy that cannot be measured. The peace and stability that comes with that is so beautiful. For someone to take that sense of detection away is the same as taking away your power.

Like I said, I love all people by default. There are white people that do amazing things throughout their lifetime to help bring peace and show that they are evolved. These people are able to see a black individual an a** simply because they did something unmentionable; not because they feel superior. I feel for white people who want no part in the mess and walk the line in fear of offending. Trust me when I say to those that hold no predjudice we know your truth. So, just read this and say ok this doesn't apply to me and happily move on with your day. Sure, there are other minority groups with their own set of challenges however, there's no denying the stronger will power of white people to try to connect and let their guard down for someone who from far away could be their very own.

What does it mean to be brown skin anyway? I LOVE my brown skin. I love the effort that was taken to fill our outer layer with a shade that is like no other. Kinky hair that's full in body to complement our individual features. How could I not feel like a blue diamond? Takes specific conditions to create such a masterpiece. Picture the beauty of our energy; Waiting to shine its radiant hue under the right condition: The condition of Joy. An overwhelming amount of black men and women have yet to tap into their own pool of exotic energy. It's so wonderful, so pure, so up to the moment of ecstasy to completely define. That's more than the Holy Ghost at church. There's something so good, so great and powerful about this energy. It feels so good to own it.

So why if we are all so wonderful am I even deciding to put off more children? Well, I don't see a bunch of blue diamond’s parading about. Why don't we fine tune ourselves, our environment and all that’s needed to create an even finer stone? At the end of the day we all love a natural diamond but amongst that selection even they best of some stones get overlooked and discarded.

Weather the storm if you desire. But don't forget your raincoat and your galoshes. Make sure your partner is the right one. Get married. Truly test the worthiness of your diamond on this mountain you call home. Set your desires in stone but have extra boulders and a chisel available. Even the finest of preparations won't prepare you for the heartache of racism. Ladies and gentleman living in poverty, struggling, at war with self. Same rules of dating apply to having children. If you’re not mentally where you need to be you ought not be in a relationship. Your partner. Your child, are only meant to elevate you but, only from the point that they are supposed to. Not, from your starting point. If you get lonely just have a superficial fix. It's temporary, vain, and despite what anybody says you'll do it anyway.

SO WHERE'S THE UNITY? In music, as far as I can see. Even the most uptight learn to loosen their ties. The best artists are blessed with the ability to play into the otherwise deaf ears; sounds of an invitation to our party. (Although we all know there are those tracks that even the lady I am ought not celebrate). I can only hope the thought-provoking lyrics during translation truly resonate. I love when we all come together and enjoy an experience commonly known as a movement. As alluring as a superficial fix is I understand the delay between such content filled tracks. How powerful would a J or K be on that level amongst the other alphabets? Wait. That's right. "No one man should have all that power". Moving on though, all good things must come to an end. What happens when the concerts over? We unite in the thick of terror. Nothing else matters during these times. Good character seems to emerge under these uncalculated circumstances. With much of America so calculated where's a rarity to sit?

The Side Effect to raising a black child in white America is...undiscoverey; A good chance of the undiscovery of value, truth, loss and pain.

It's my choice.